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HADIT Home for Veterans

Helping Addicted or Disabled Individuals Together

HADIT Home Locations

Original SERTOMA Home

The Helping Addicted or Disabled Individuals Home for Veterans better known as the HADIT Home operates as a 501(c)3 organization. The name was derived from the purpose the Home serves – assisting those individuals who have given up hope and have had it with the system or those individuals whose families that have had it in assisting them. The Home helps veterans cope with their stresses by offering a sense of purpose, belonging and family.

Similar to the Ronald McDonald House, the HADIT Home is a collection of homes with the same name. Unlike Ronald McDonald, the Home is a small operation of individually veteran owned homes. These veterans have opened their homes and hearts to fellow veterans to offer whatever empty bed, bedroom, food, clothing, transportation to appointments or resource they may have.

The Home is not associated with Hadit.com, DAV, VA, Wounded Warriors or any other government or private organization. The Home receives no support from the government or any agency. The funding for the food, clothing, shelter, utilities and etc. is provided by the individual veteran home owners and the donations they receive from generous donors.

The Home operates a small food bank and offers limited clothing, furniture and toiletries. Contact your local Home for assistance, or contact them if you desire to open your heart or home to fellow veterans.